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At Party Pool we strive to help people renovate their pool with color, by a quick and easy process of adding swimming pool coloring to your water. We realize that all people are different and that pools should be able to be different as well. At Party Pool we have been coloring swimming pool water since 1985 and continue to grow each year. We welcome you to our website and encourage you to share your memories with us.

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With Party Pool! there is not reason that you need to accept your current pool as is. After many years of use many pools can look super with just a few ounces of Party Pool. Using Party Pool as swimming pool coloring is a quick and simple upgrade for your pool. It is time that your pool looks beautiful and new again. Using Party Pool is the quickest and simplest way to add that special touch.)

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Pool Service and Repair

Searching for a professional and qualified service and repair pool company can be difficult. At Party Pool we do not personally do swimming pool service or repair but we do our best to connect you will the right swimming pool professionally in your area. We have developed a dealer locator page to help you find Party Pool. Also these stores/companies are a great place for you to start at when searching for a professional at pool service and repair.


Party Pool!® is an exciting product developed in 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona by a Pool Cleaning Company to add sparkling color to customers' pools. One customer was so excited about the product that they established a partnership and began selling Party Pool!® to Local pool supply stores.

Today, Party Pool!® is sold in 100's of retail outlets nationwide. Party Pool!® is people safe and pool safe. It is non-toxic , non-caustic and it has been tried and proven in 1000's of pools, government building pools, fountains, condominium pools, waterfalls, ponds and large fish tanks. One 8 oz. bottle will treat an average 20,000 gallon pool twice and it last for days.

An Easy and Unexpensive Way to Add Sparkling Color to Your Pool, Any Time, in Minutes and It Lasts for Days!


A Special Touch For:

  • Pool Parties
  • BBQ's
  • Special events
  • Holiday's
  • Weddings
  • Fountains

What do people say about Party Pool

"In minutes my pool looked absolutely beautiful. I've always wanted the pool to look like the ones seen in the movies, and finally I have my 'Hollywood Look'. Thank you for making a truly remarkable product!"

"I just used the green last night for a party and everyone was amazed at the emerald green color of the water. It looked really pretty at night with the soft lights and the tiki torches going.. I can't wait to try the blue!"

"Party Pool puts the deep blue sea in my back yard."

"Wow, I just turned my pool red!!!"

Completely safe: non-toxic, non-caustic, non-hazardous, and non-staining when used as directed.


One bottle for a 40,000 gallon pool.

Yes, as long as you follow proper instructions.

“NO” It is very important that you read and follow the instructions on the bottle. This will ensure that you have the best experience using Party Pool and keep you from having unnecessary problems. “ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS”

"Have a question? Submit your question below and one of our professional trained staff members will answer it."

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What People have to Say about Party Pool


Love this product

Love this product! Buy it over and over! Red for Halloween. Blue for summer enhancements.
Never a problem or regret.


Makes pool look Amazing!

If you want a quick way to make your pool look beautiful, this is the stuff to get! If you follow directions your pool will look awesome! In the event you don't follow directions you will get a blue ring around your pool wall and it will look messy.. If this happens which it did to me at first... You simply just need to get some Magic Erasers, they are the only thing I have found that gets dye off. After I screwed up the first time I followed directions each subsequent time and my pool looked so pretty for entertaining guests....

Terrence Walztoni

5.0 out of 5 stars Great product!

November 16, 2018

Verified Purchase

This worked really well to turn our pool into a pool of blood for Halloween and it was gone within two days after. Suggestion, turn your pool filter off for the time you want the color to stay and then turn it back on when you want it to go away.


Love it

I have used this product several times, love the way it makes the water look like a blue lagoon. As to the reviewer that stated it turned them blue it has never happened to me or my clothing -not sure what they did wrong I can only speculate that they did not wait till it was evenly dispersed into water. As with anything you add to pool like algaecide etc.. you have to wait at least 15 minutes before entering the water. A side note if you use a lot of chlorine in your pool the color might not last as long and have to be re-added. Highly recommend and will continue to purchase!