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About Party Pool USA LLC


Coloring pools nationwide since 1985” Party Pool is a family owned and operated company. We are proud to have been operating for nearly 4 decades. When deciding if Party Pool is right for you, take this into consideration. We have been adding fun to peoples pool for years and have hundreds of pool stores that have carried Party Pool for decades. We have proven ourselves and people use Party Pool time and time again.

Mission Statement

An easy and inexpensive way to add sparkling color to your pool, anytime, in minutes, and it lasts for days.

History of the Party Pool!®

Party Pool!® is an exciting product developed in 1985 in Phoenix, AZ by a pool cleaning company. They did this to give a splendid characteristic to customer's pools. One customer was so excited about this coloring additive that they established a partnership and began selling Party Pool!® to local pool supply stores.

Safe for Everyone

Our product is safe for both pools and people. It is nontoxic and noncaustic. Party Pool!® has been tried and proven in thousands of private pools, government building pools, condominium pools, ponds, and large fish tanks. It is also adds a unique look to fountains and waterfalls.

A Colorful Twist to Your Pool Party

Entertain your guests with our product! Party Pool!® gives a special touch for occasions such as:

  • Anniversaries
  • BBQs
  • Birthdays
  • Pool Parties
  • Special events
  • Weddings

You can also enjoy it on holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, and more. In addition, Party Pool!® can be used to enhance homes for sale. Best of all, it is perfect for intimate moments like weekends at home or romantic evenings by the pool.

How to Use the Party Pool!®

One 8-ounce bottle will treat an average 20,000-gallon pool twice. For best results, use 1 ounce of the product per 5,000 gallons of water. Premix it in a 5-gallon bucket before finally adding it to the pool. This small amount will color your pool for many days.



Janice White

Big Surprise!!!!

January 2, 2017
Verified Purchase

We used Party Pool to dye the water in a fire hose for my daughter and son-in-laws gender reveal of their soon to be daughter. We experimented with the amount of dye needed to make the water pink. When all the guests had assembled at the Firehouse, the soon to be parents opened up the hose and shot a stream of pretty pink water across the field. It was a wonderful surprise for this Firefighter couple.


Fire Truck Gender Reveal

January 3, 2019

Verified Purchase

Using for a gender reveal by spraying dyed water from a fire engine. Tested at 4oz per 1,000 gallons of water. Will be using a full 8oz for the actual reveal to get an obvious pink or blue water stream of color. Tested by batch mixing in the booster tank as well as using a foam inductor. Seemed to do best when mixed in 5 gallons of water and added to the booster tank of the fire engine (batch mixing). Also seemed to do better when using a smooth bore nozzle rather than a fog or straight stream from a combination nozzle. Seemed to lose some of its color when water was agitated by recirculating the booster tank as well as through the foam inductor.

Florida Guy

Love it. We use it in our pool every ...

May 10, 2015

Verified Purchase

Love it. We use it in our pool every Halloween to dye the pool red with bodies in it. Also for girls bday party just use a little bit to dye it pink or purple. Just wish it was cheaper lol Don't run filter with dye in pool until you're ready to remove it. My filter removes it in about a day. Extra liquid chlorine also helps remove any tile or grout staining which is only temporary anyways!!!! Used tons of times and love it!!!!


Great for a blood bath

November 13, 2017

Verified Purchase

This stuff is amazing! It turned my pool into a blood bath for a Halloween party. It filtered out within two days without issue. Be sure to read the directions and dilute properly before adding to pool. I used one bottle for a pretty big pool. We didn't add filters to the white lights in the pool, so the coloring you see in the photos is all dye.

Brian D

Awesome stuff

November 19, 2018

Verified Purchase

Worked great in my 30K gallon pool for a Halloween Party. Should've probably only used 1 1/2 bottles, but used all three. Pool was dark red just like blood, very gory looking! Only took 24-hours to filter it out after the party. No staining was evident (gunite pool).

Terrence Walztoni

Great product!

November 16, 2018

Verified Purchase

This worked really well to turn our pool into a pool of blood for Halloween and it was gone within two days after. Suggestion, turn your pool filter off for the time you want the color to stay and then turn it back on when you want it to go away.


True blue

Used this for a gender reveal using a fire truck. Only used 2 of the bottles but it gave the water the perfect hint of blue needed when sprayed from the hose.


Love it

I have used this product several times, love the way it makes the water look like a blue lagoon. As to the reviewer that stated it turned them blue it has never happened to me or my clothing -not sure what they did wrong I can only speculate that they did not wait till it was evenly dispersed into water. As with anything you add to pool like algaecide etc have to wait at least 15 minutes before entering the water. A side note if you use a lot of chlorine in your pool the color might not last as long and have to be re-added . Highly recommend and will continue to purchase!

Love this product

Love this product! Buy it over and over! Red for Halloween. Blue for summer enhancements. Never a problem or regret.


Love this stuff!!

Have used it for years to add a nice blue sparkle to the pool water. Great for when you have guests or throwing a party!!


It's a Boy

Blue pool for gender Reveal party. Worked great but it in the filter basket and came out the fountains in the pool blue. It's a boy

S. Hardy

Nice deep blue water

If you follow the directions exactly this turns the water a beautiful color blue. It doesn't really look like the stock pictures, which is a good thing. The blue really just makes it a nice deep blue without looking too fake. Our liner is white so we use this for pool parties to make the water a nicer color.

Be very careful when dumping into the pool. The first time we used this the wind splashed a little bit of the mixture onto the the edge of the pool while we were dumping it in the water. It dyed the white edge instantly and we haven't found any way to get it off yet. When applied directly into the water the correct way, nothing gets dyed - only the water.

One bottle is enough to dye our pool twice (in-ground 18'x32' plus steps area with 9' deep at the deep end). It takes a couple days to fully circulate out of our pool with the pump running 24/7. Once the water returns to normal color, you'll probably want to backwash the filter to get the dye out that gets stuck in there.

I can't speak for the other colors this comes in. We have only used the blue.


Makes pool look Amazing!

If you want a quick way to make your pool look beautiful , this is the stuff to get! If you follow directions your pool will look awesome! In the event you don't follow directions you will get a blue ring around your pool wall and it will look messy.. If this happens which it did to me at first... You simply just need to get some Magic Erasers, they are the only thing I have found that gets dye off. After I screwed up the first time I followed directions each subsequent time and my pool looked so pretty for entertaining guests....


Awesome looking

Very nice product I’ll keep it on my list for future purchases... and no way this would plug the swimming pool filter !! It’s liquid ... love it


Awesome Water Coloring

Love this stuff! It makes the water look so pretty and blue. (We bought the blue but there are other colors) Our liner is so bleached out white that the water is clear but add this stuff and it looks awesome! It only takes like 2 tablespoons per 5000 gallons of water. I will buy this again. It lasts about two days before disappearing or evaporating.

james birkett

Five Stars



worked great..

worked great..... pool looked amazing and it only takes 1/2 a bottle to accomplish the look we wanted. we still use it and it does not do anything to the pools chemical balance.

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